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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to National Poetry Month 2009!!

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Hello blogger-verse! I know I’ve been silent for a bit….and that I’m horrible behind on my reviews. But I hope to change all that starting now. As you may or may not know April is National Poetry Month and I am a huge lover of poetry. Since around 1995 or so I’ve been celebrating this event by emailing a poem a day to many of my friends and family. Some will whine and moan about it, but those same people are usually among the first to remind me if I’ve missed a day so I know they love it. And if not tough. *lol*

Last year I branched out and also posted a poem a day on MySpace. I’m not really on MySpace anymore but I am on blogger and I thought that I would post my daily poem here for all to enjoy (I hope). There are a few rules, of sorts, for this event and they are as follows:

I enjoy reading and picking out poems on a daily basis (and when I am feeling brave I send out one of my own), but I know that my tastes are the tastes of all….so if there is a particular poem or poet that you would like to see featured then please let me know. I’ll also do my best to round up a poem if you only remember a fragment or two. I don’t always succeed but I always enjoy the challenge.

And well…that’s about it for rules. Like I said…there were only a few. lol Please feel free to comment (I love comments), sit back and enjoy the poems. This first one is by John Keats, (1795-1821) a remarkable poet that was selected by my dear friend B (see her blog here) who has been a part of NPM since its origins. I gave her first dibs on choosing a poet and I think that she has started NPM on a good note. So without further ado here is the first poem of NPM…..and I promise to get caught up on all my book reviews soon!

Why did I laugh tonight? No voice will tell
By John Keats

Why did I laugh tonight? No voice will tell:
No God, no Demon of severe response,
Deigns to reply from Heaven or from Hell.
Then to my human heart I turn at once.
Heart! Thou and I are here, sad and alone;
I say, why did I laugh? O mortal pain!
O Darkness! Darkness! ever must I moan,
To question Heaven and Hell and Heart in vain.
Why did I laugh? I know this Being’s lease,
My fancy to its utmost blisses spreads;
Yet would I on this very midnight cease,
And the world’s gaudy ensigns see in shreds;
Verse, Fame, and Beauty are intense indeed,
But Death intenser -Death is Life’s high meed.