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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NPM: Nimium Fortunatus

Posted by Irish in Uncategorized2 Comments

Nimium Fortunatus
By: Robert Seymour Bridges

I have lain in the sun
I have toil’d as I might,
I have thought as I would,
And now it is night.

My bed full of sleep,
My heart full of content
For friends that I met
The way that I went.

I welcome fatigue
While frenzy and care
Like thin summer clouds
Go melting in air.

To dream as I may
And awake when I will
With the song of the birds
And the sun on the hill.

Or death – were it death –
To what would I wake
Who loved in my home
All life for its sake?

What good have I wrought?
I laugh to have learned
That joy cannot come
Unless it be earned;

For a happier lot
Than God giveth me
It never hath been
Nor ever shall be.

2 Responses to “NPM: Nimium Fortunatus”

  1. lilly

    “That joy cannot come
    Unless it be earned;”

    How beautiful. You’ll make me reconsider not liking poetry if you keepposting such wonderful poems 🙂

  2. Irish

    There is a poem out there for everyone Lilly =) I’m glad that you are enjoying the selections. I hope that I continue to please.