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Saturday, April 11, 2009

NPM: Far, Far Away

Posted by Irish in Uncategorized1 Comment

I found this wonderful poem on a website called Fairies World. Poking through the site it seems to have lots of interesting bits of info on fairies. Ranging from books, to poems to art, etc. Check it out if you get a chance.

Far, Far, Away
By: S.K. Lindeman

Just for today,
go far, far away
to the kingdom beyond,

Where green grey grows
down, deep
in the ground,

Where seabreezes
blow breathless,
swirling swordfish
sail on,

Where the isle
of Camelot is seen
in the dawn,

While the rabbit
runs wild, past the child
be late, be seen

‘Tis not just a dream
Neverland is near
and the unicorn
runs free.

One Response to “NPM: Far, Far Away”

  1. Mollie

    I always enjoy poems more aloud, so I’ve taken to reading the NPM posts aloud to myself and the kitties. This one was just so much fun to read. I did it twice!