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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bliss by Lauren Myracle

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Publisher: Amulet Books (website)
Publication Year: 2008
ISBN: 0810970716
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 484

Place(s) Traveled to: Atlanta, Georgia (1969)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I had heard a lot of good buzz around the blogs and Twitter about Bliss by Lauren Myracle so when I was making a purchase on Amazon I decided to add this one to my cart. When I got the book I was intrigued by the cover the B&W photo with the Title in letters that looked like blood going across it and the black pages interspersed throughout. I was almost worried that I was in for some late nights with the light on to keep the monsters that were sure to be in this book at bay. Sadly though the monsters never really materialized. Nor did the plot for that matter.

Bliss is the name of the main character and she’s a 16 year old girl who gets sent to live with her socialite grandmother when her hippie parents leave the commune they’d been living in to dodge the draft and head up to Canada. Bliss is not used to living in a house or going to school and she has some periods of adjustment but for the most part her transition from commune life to the “real” world is pretty seamless. She makes friends with those in the popular crowd and also with the most unpopular one. This causes a bit of friction amongst the girls but not as much as one would expect from high school teenagers. I kept waiting for the action to happen…the drama…the scare….all those things that the cover and the synopsis promised me. But it never happened…the book just plodded along and I sometimes had to force myself to pick it up. I give top marks to this books presentation and to the way it was written but only average ones to what was written. This is a story that I wish I’d waited for the paperback for…or perhaps even just taken it out of my local library.