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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Evermore by Alyson Noel

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Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin (website)
Publication Year: 2009
ISBN: 031253275X
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320

Rating: 5 out of 5 star

Evermore is the story of 17 year old Ever Bloom who recently was the sole survivor of a car accident that killed her parents, little sister and the family dog. Ever goes to live with her aunt and struggles to adjust to her new life. On top of dealing with the extreme loss of her family, a new house, new school & new friends Ever also has to cope with being able to read peoples thoughts. Ever since the accident she has the ability to see a persons aura and here their thoughts. There are times in which is is literally drowning in voices. Her one bright spot is the occasional visits from her sister Riley who never fully crossed over. Then one day Damen Auguste shows up at school and when he’s around the voices in Ever’s head stop. But who is Damen and just what does he want with Ever?

I have to say that I loved this book. Loved loved loved it. I thought that the writing was very lyrical and poetical and found the story to be magical. Its not a complicated story with tons of twists and turns. But its the simplicity of it that really gives it such a huge impact. I was sucked into this story from the start and didn’t want to put it down. So its a good thing that I started it on a Saturday because that meant I could stay up late reading. =) The worst thing about this book was the end. Now before you get your panties in a twist I’m not going to spoil anything…nor was the ending a bad ending for the book. It was actually a really good ending. I just hated that there had to be one. This is one book that could have gone on twice as long and I would have remained a happy reader. Sadly this wasn’t the case. Fortunately for me though there is a sequel in the works, Blue Moon, which is due out in stores on 07 July 09. Mark your calenders because if Blue Moon is anything like Evermore then its not going to be a book that you want to miss.

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