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Saturday, January 3, 2009

No New Books in 2009

Posted by Irish in Misc2 Comments

My Mt TBR is getting out of control! According to my LibraryThing catalog I have 235 books waiting to be read. And this is just the books I own and not any of the multiple books that I’ve checked (and keep checking) out of the library. I am a hopeless addict. I’ve put myself on book bans before….usually just for a few months at a time during the summer. They have helped but not extensively so. Therefore I am going to try and not buy any books during 2009. This will be my hardest challenge of the year I think. So I’ll need to put some book outlets into the mix in order to help stay sane. Any books bought with gift cards will be ok…yes they are new books but I didn’t ‘buy’ them. They were bought by the person who gave me the gift card…and you can’t let gift cards that were so lovingly given go to waste now can you? Also, any books from the library won’t count as they are just visiting. Not to mention the fact that I’ve joined the Support Your Locoal Library Challenge long before I decided to put myself on a year long band . Ok so my outlets might be cheating a little…but I don’t care. I can’t quit cold turkey so must sort of ease myself into it. Perhaps if I do well in 2009 I can go completely without new books of any sort in 2010. Only time will tell.

And just in case anyone is interested in joining me you can sign up by using Mr Linkey below.

2 Responses to “No New Books in 2009”

  1. tapestry100

    I’d like to try the same thing, but I know realistically that it just isn’t going to happen. Although, almost all the books that I chose for my 9-9-9 challenge came from my TBR pile, so hopefully that will help.

    And, if you ever really get desperate, you could always drop BIG hints about a book that you just HAVE to have, and somebody could mail it to you. 😉 Books bought for you don’t count!

  2. Irish

    Exactly! Books and gift cards that are don’t count. Just as books that don’t stay (ie library books) also don’t count.

    I also am realistic and no that I am going to fall off the wagon. But its my hope that if I am on a ban that my slips won’t be very disastrous.