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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Sunday Salon: Hanging out with James Dashner

Posted by Irish in Misc, Sunday Salon2 Comments

Greetings and salutations everyone. I know its been awhile since I’ve visited the Salon but I just haven’t been reading much and so haven’t really had much to say when Sunday roles around. My reading has taken a recent upswing though….and hopefully I’ll be able to get those reviews posted soon. Today I don’t really have much to say about books at least not directly.

This past Friday author James Dashner was in town for a book signing at my local Barnes and Noble. The signing started at 5 which seem ridiculously early…but if I got out of work on time it wouldn’t be so bad…but in true Creganna fashion Friday afternoon was the busiest time of the week and I didn’t get out until half past. I arrived at the store around 6(ish) grabbed a coffee from the Starbucks there then went to wander the store. Turns out that JD and a few other authors were all in the area near the Starbucks….I was so fixated on my coffee that I totally missed them. Yeah I am Brill!

Well I went to go introduce myself when I suffered from an ADD moment and took off for the shelves again….while there I picked up Neil Gaiman’s new book The Graveyard Book. Which was highly recommended to me by fellow blogger & friend David. Well after picking that up I introduced myself and JD remembered me from our interactions on LibraryThing. We chatted for a while at the store then moved over to Chili’s to grab some dinner and chat some more. It was like meeting up with an old friend. Even if that friend can’t take a slight drop in temperature. It was a fun evening with lots of disscussion about books and movies and books.

Oh and David before I sign off for the week, this is for you….I hope to get in the mail at some point this week. =)

2 Responses to “The Sunday Salon: Hanging out with James Dashner”

  1. tapestry100

    THANKS! So cool – I’m so glad that you had such a great time with JD! I’m hoping that someday he can make it around my way.