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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday Thingers: 09 Sept 08

Posted by Irish in Misc, Tuesday Teasers3 Comments

Today on Tuesday Thingers, the question is about awards.

Do you follow any particular book awards? Do you ever choose books based on awards? What award-winning books do you have? (Off the top of your head only- no need to look this up- it would take all day!) What’s your favorite award-winning book?

My Response:
I have to admit that I have never really been one to follow awards. For the past year or so the only reason that I know that book x won award z is mostly because its caused a buzz on librarything. I have read books that have won awards but I haven’t bought/read the because because it was an award winner.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Thingers: 09 Sept 08”

  1. Mollie

    I feel ya on that one. I don’t put much stock any award winners of any kind (though I did have a category just for award winning books on my 888 list). I’ve often let the fact that a book has received an award be a swaying point when I’ve already been contemplating get said book. I later regret that. Shocker.

    I think my favorite award winning book was Speak.