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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Salon: July in Review

Posted by Irish in Misc, Reading Progess, Sunday Salon11 Comments

Good Afternoon my fellow Saloners. I apologize for my lateness in posting but as I didn’t get to bed until after 3 am last night you can understand my late start and slow movement of the day. Ah man, I remember a time (college) when I could be up all night and still be as fresh as a daisy. This whole getting old thing isn’t all that it was cracked up to be. 😉 But the reason for my late night was a good one…I was being entertained by The Boss…Bruce Springsteen….over at Gillette Stadium (that’s the home of the New England Patriots for those of you not in the know). It was a fun night. Although it didn’t start off that way.

I woke up still feeling poorly from the night before….not sure if it was normal illness or the food I ate. But I was a little better so carried on. And was a little pleased to have been upgraded to looking yellow from the green of the previous night. (These descriptions of my appearance were given to me so lovingly by friends.) Ginger Ale though is that oh so great restoritive that my mom always proclaimed it to be…because after drinking some I felt better. So much so that when it started to downpour in the open stadium shortly after the show was supposed to start I just tossed on my poncho and laughed….then danced to the music of the rain with my friend while everyone around us ran for cover. The rain stopped and we then proceed to wait and wait and wait for the show to start. Which it finally did a little after 9:30….from a 7:30 start time. Most people didn’t start to arrive until close to that time so apparently everyone else knew the Boss’s habits but my friends and I. Ah well, he played from 9:30 straight through until just after 12:30…and put on a really good show. Just as another friend promised me he would. Took another hour or so to get out of the parking lot (I so love Route 1)…while waiting some juvinile men in their 40s decided to through some raw hamberg into our car window. Yeah. Very mature people! But we made it out of the lot…and then home and now I am here visiting with all of you. =)

To get back to books I thought that I would take some time to look back over July. July was a really good reading month for me. I finished 11 books! This is record breaking for the year so far, the previous record was a 10 book tie between February and May. I hope that the trend continues through August. Already I have surpassed the number of books that I read in 2o07…and I am happy at achieving that milestone….but I really want to hit 100 books this year. If I keep up at the pace that I am at then my handy dandy excel reading tracker predicts that I’ll read 102 books. =) To recap:

  1. Kisscut by Karin Slaughter (Review)
  2. Imaginary Men by Anjali Banerjee (Review)
  3. Howards End by E.M. Forster (Review)
  4. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield (Review)
  5. 100 Years of Ermintrude by Tom Evans (Review Coming Soon)
  6. My Hands Came Away Red by Lisa McKay (Review)
  7. Living Dead Girl By Elizabeth Scott (Review)
  8. La Petite Four by Regina Scott (Review)
  9. How to (Un)Cage a Girl by Francesca Lia Block (Review Coming Soon)
  10. Austenland by Shannon Hale (Review Coming Soon)
  11. The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory (Review Coming Soon)

As you can see I still have some reviews to get through, so keep checking back as I hope to have them written and posted soon. My favorite/most memorable read of the month was Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott. Its a haunting tale and really stays with you. I highly recommend it to all. Howards End was a read that went towards my 1001 Book reading challenge… many others I’m trying to read at least one book a month from the list. I did add E.M. Forster as my F catagory for my Alphabet Challenge (see my LT Profile) however I did so I realized that I had read a book by Jasper Fforde earlier in the year. So while incorrect I’ve decided to leave my list as stands…..I’m just lazy like that. *lol* For that mini-challege of mine all I have left to complete are the letters A, N, Q, U, W, and X. Six books. Should be a piece of cake.

Well, folks….I think that I’ve talked your ear (eyes??) off enough for one afternoon. I thank you all for stopping by.

Until next time.

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11 Responses to “Sunday Salon: July in Review”

  1. tapestry100

    Sounds like the concert was a lot of fun! Glad you had a good time.

    July proved to be one of my better read months in awhile, with 9 books total for the month. I’d like to try to get through more this month, but I’ve got so much going on! Summer is always so busy.

    I’ll have to keep an eye out for Living Dead Girl when it comes out. It turns out the highlight book for my month was a review copy sent to me as well, Penelope Przekop’s Aberrations. I really enjoyed that! If your library has it, I’d recommend giving it a read. (See how I’m promoting the library instead of the bookstore here – just trying to help and not be an enabler!).

    Happy reading!

  2. Irish

    David – The concert was good. Definitely check out Living Dead Girl when its released (Sept) I think. Its a short book but very powerful. I have a copy of Aberrations and have been plugging away at it. Its not holding my attention as much as I’d like. But then I’ve had some distractions in the form of library books.

    Nadia – if you ever get a chance to see him then you should. Its an expensive ticket but he does put on a good show.

  3. Literary Feline

    How fun! I would love to see Bruce Springsteen in concert! I am glad you ended up having a good night even though it got off to a rough start. A friend of mine recently read Living Dead Girl and really liked it too. She said it was quite disturbing. I hope you have a great week!

  4. Table Talk

    I’m going to second your Mom’s recommendation of the ginger ale front. It’s the ginger that does it. I always keep some ginger capsules in the house for just such troubled days. You’re the second person I’ve come across today who’s read ‘The 100 years of Ermintrude’. When you review it make it clear that she is a woman. Margaret didn’t and I was left very confused as in the UK we have a well known character called Ermintrude who is a cow!

  5. Marie

    Oooh Springsteen sounds awesome!!! 🙂
    You’ve had a busy month! 🙂 I loved Howards End.

  6. My Journey Through Reading...

    I’m glad you had a great time at the concert. I’ve heard he puts on a great show. You’ve been busy. I read, drum roll please, 2 books in July. Yes, I know, rather pathetic but what can I say it’s Summer and I just don’t want to be inside which is very strange because I really can’t stand the heat. Can’t wait to read your reviews.

  7. bibliophylia

    I’m going to add Living Dead Girl to my list. It sounds really interesting. Congrats on a banner July for reading!

  8. Terri

    Ah, I enjoyed Springsteen vicariously through you! Thanks! Sounds like a blast (except the hamburger toss).

    Have a great week!

  9. Julie

    Ha ha, my mom always prescribed ginger ale too! I don’t even think of it as a soft drink — it’s medicine.