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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weekly Geeks Task 1: Discover New Blogs Week

Posted by Irish in Misc1 Comment

I first heard about Weekly Geeks during my weekly Sunday Salon visits. And since then have come across it more and more. Ever since my first sighting I’ve thought about joining….but something always seemed to come up that resulted in my putting it off. But after coming across it again tonight on a blog that I read regularly I decided to finally make the plung.
A brief rundown of Weekly Geeks is this. Every Saturday a task is posted. You then use the following week to carry it out. This week’s task was to visit 5 new to you book blogs and post about them. If a week comes and you do not like the task presented, then you don’t have to do it. Its that simple. The whole idea (as of this first posting) reminds me of a sort of scavenger hunt. And who doesn’t love a good hunt?
Here are the blogs that I discovered:
First up was This Book is For You, which I discovered while reading Bibliotary’s Weekly Geeks post. Bibliotary’s entry intrigued me because she highlighted This Book is For You’s review on Twilight. Now there is a poster after my own heart. Another rare person out there who just doesn’t get why this series of books is so popular. Another thing I liked about this blog is her motto is also mine…..and that is ‘Life is too Short for Crap Books.”
Next up was to a blog titled Book Addication. Which is something that I think we all can relate to. She has a nice style of blogging, posting the book jacket information and then a brief review. I can probably take some lessons from her in terms on condensing as I can get a little wordy sometimes.
Next up was The Written Word….who in her Weekly Geek post showed a pic of the coolest bookstore on the planet. I really must go to Beijing at some point now in order to see it up close and personal. Her blogs header is also pretty impressive.
The fourth blog that I visited was, Library Queue. I was drawn to the name and fell in instant like. This is definately a blog that I will be checking back in on from time to time.
Finally, I checked out Books and Coffee. This is another blog that I was attracted to because of the name which includes two of my favorite things. I liked the set up of this blog. The colors are all very appealing and it offers more to it than just books. She also seems to share my fondness of spreedsheets. Its a rare person who can love a spreadsheet. =) There are lots of interesting things to look at on this blog….but its really late here and I have to get up early tomorrow to view another apt so I can’t really look at this blog as throughly as I would like…..but I will be back.
Well, that’s all for this weeks challenge. Tomorrow…..or more accurately later today…..a new one will be posted and I look forward to seeing what it is.

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