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Friday, May 9, 2008

Admit One: A Journey Into Film by Emmett James

Posted by Irish in Books for Free2 Comments

Publisher: Wheatmark

Publication Year: 2007
ISBN: 1587369133
Format: Paperback
Pages: 220

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

I first heard about Admit One: A Journey Into Film by Emmett James through Lisa Roe’s website which ‘connects books with the online world.’ Its a fascinating website and if you’ve spent any time reading this blog then you’ve probably heard about it several times by now. But I can’t help it, I love the idea of the website. When I first went to the site there were several books that I was drawn to. It made it hard to decide so I just sent a list via the contact form stating that these are the ones I am interested in and the order which I am interested and if one is still available I’d love the chance to review it. I wasn’t trying to be greedy….I just couldn’t decide. I get like that sometimes. Books are my shiny objects.

It wasn’t long after hitting send that I received an email from Lisa who apologized for not having my top top pick (as if not being about to get a free book was something I’d be upset about) because she did send me Admit One: A Journey Into Film by Emmett James. Not only that but the book came inscribed….as I’ve mentioned before I loved that personal touch which immediately earned itself a spot in my suitcase. Being a small book I tucked it into my carry on and was the first book that I pulled out after finishing The City of Ember.

Before reading this book I had no idea who Emmett James was and it wasn’t until after I had finished it that I even thought to google the name. But as I said the book sounded interesting….to tell the story of ones life using the films that affected it as a backdrop. Each chapter is titled after one such film. While a reader might initially think that when you see the title Star Wars that you’ll get more movie review/synopsis than anything else but that wasn’t the case. There are times like in the first chapter in which the only mention of the movie that gave the title its name was to say that all he saw of it was the title and end credits because he had fallen asleep on that first big outing to the cinema with his family.

I found this book to be an enjoyable read. The writing was engaging and made you interested in James’ story as well as in learning how the films that he highlighted out as having the most influence on certain periods of his life. There were times though when I wish that James would have gone into a little more detail about his experiences. Much of the book it seemed as though he was only telling the surface of a thing and there lacked depth. Almost as if he was afraid of revealing too much of his inner thoughts and feelings. Despite that the the writing was good and the pages flew by. I managed to read the bulk of it on my short flight from Providence to Charlotte and finished it not long after taking off for Aruba.

While reading this book I also began to think about some of the films that James mentioned and the mostly good memories of childhood that they evoked. After reading the book you also begin to think about those other films that have had influence over you throughout the years. So if you are a lover of films then you will probably enjoy this book as well.

2 Responses to “Admit One: A Journey Into Film by Emmett James”

  1. Mrs S

    Lisa sent me this book too – I really enjoyed it. It was a nice reminder of some great movies – and I like the way the author linked them to the story of his life – I had to google him afterwards too!