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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Captain’s Fury by Jim Butcher

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Captain’s Fury is the fourth installment in Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series. The story takes up roughly two years after Cursor’s Fury left off. Tavi is now officially the captain of the First Aleran Legion and still holding off the Canim army. While the Crown Legion still lays siege to Kalare. Things are looking at a standstill so Senator Arnos heads over to Elinarch with the newly formed Senatorial Legion to run the Canim off the shores of Alera so that the Legions can all focus on putting down Kalare.

Being true to form Senator Arnos is an arrogant man who refuses to listen to the knowledge that Tavi has gained about the Canim over the last several years and thinks that their defeat is only a matter of time. It also isn’t long before Tavi is stripped of his command. However, Tavi being Tavi isn’t one to sit idly by while his fellow Alerans are in danger and so he escapes prison and sets off on an adventure to try to save not just the lives of Alerans, but also the Canim.

This book was another excellent installment to the series. Despite being four books in Butcher is able to keep the story fresh and filled with action. Tavi continues to grow as a man and as always it is great to be able to see into his head. Of all the characters Tavi is by far my favorite and I often resent when the narrative moved away from him to go over what Amara, Bernard & Gaius Sextus were up too. One great aspect of this book is that there were many things that have been discussed and alluded to in previous novels that were brought out into the open here and the loose ends tied up. This opened up a whole new level of the story and there was some foreshadowing about events that will probably take place in the next book. Because unlike the other three novels Captain’s Fury was definitely left a little more open ended.

In Short: I continue to very impressed with this series. Its hard to believe that each book just keeps getting better and leaves me wanting more. Although I want more information on Tavi and get more and more resentful when the narration cuts away from his story to focus on someone else (usually Amara). I found Amara’s part of this story to be slow not very interesting when compared to what Tavi was up to. Overall though another win from Jim Butcher and one that I highly recommend.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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